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27 Sept 2022


28 Sept 2022

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Lacrove Digital Fashion Tribe is ready to create an impact on the future of fashion


We deem everyone got the same dreams. Looking forward to the world of astonishing digital fashion

Sustainability, Precising Our Hope

The continuity of digital fashion is our top priority. Engaging with our priority is your choice…


Join The Tribe!

Our Digital Fashion Tribe is open to everyone.Welcome to the future of fashion!

Join Lacrove's Tribe
The Architect
Virgil Abloh x Air Jordan

The Architect

The quietest in the tribe. But, The Architect uses its charisma to drive every conversation. When The Architect talks, the world will be as quiet as a desert. The Architect is respected among the tribe. Everyone remembers The Architect.

The Panthera
Yeezy 450

The Panthera

The Panthera is the Tribal Chief. The tribe loves The Panthera because of its firmness. The Panthera will make sure everyone in the tribe will have equal happiness.

The Royal Empress
Nike M2K Tekno

The Royal Empress

The Royal Empress is the most luxurious in the tribe. Golden generation. Always followed by the royal guards. The Royal Empress is the most royal among others.

The Luckiest
New Balance 550

The Luckiest

The “L” in The Luckiest indicates luck. People in the tribe love to get closer to The Luckiest. The prophecy told the tribe that there would be someone that will make the tribe exist longer, it must be The Luckiest.

The Twelve Faces
Balenciaga SSS

The Twelve Faces

The Twelve Faces is the new kid in the tribe. The Twelve Faces uses luxury armor, clothes, and accessories to attract the other. The Twelve Faces is the antagonist of the tribe, but The Twelve Faces love the tribe like no other.

The Moskov
Yeezy 700 Wave Runner Solid Grey

The Moskov

The Moskov is the sportsman of the tribe. They usually become an officer to have sports tournaments or olympiads. The Moskov is also the best runner in the tribe.

The Vagabond
Nike SB Dunk Low x Travis Scott

The Vagabond

The Vagabond can't stay in the same tribe for 3 months. They have a nomadic life wandering from tribe to tribe. They are usually rappers to make a living.

The Denimons
Air Jordan 4 Levi's

The Denimons

The Denimons are the most feared in the tribe. The Denimons are The Front Man of the Squid Game. The Denimons are calm, cold-blooded, and have sharp eyes.

The Pinkest
Nike AirMax 90 Scrap

The Pinkest

The Pinkest is the princess of the tribe. They are the purest among others. They love to laugh, sing, and dress well. The Pinkest will be the future heir of the tribe.


Now it's time for the world to know which Lacrove are you.

Tweet your character...based on your personality

Lacrove is a digital fashion tribe with a 3D NFT collection living on the NEAR made of famous sneakers to the tiger's heads that focuses on digital fashion development and on a mission to shift fashion brands and designers to build digital fashion reality and provide alternative solutions to alleviate problems caused by the conventional fashion industry.

Lacrove holders will get exclusive offers of Lacrove Studio: NFT Marketplace where fashion brands, designers, and enthusiasts collaborate to establish a digital fashion reality.